Parkside is the story of people - people to be cared for and by people who care, with underlying Christian ethos. Here's our story.

Summer 1967: the idea for a home was first suggested.

18 October 1967: a church meeting at Romford Baptist Church agreed the vision, even though there was no money available.

Summer 1969: the building at 65 Main Road was purchased.


November 1970: work began on adapting the building from a 7-bedroom house with 3 reception rooms, kitchen, bathroom and garden. In its place, the building became a home with 20 single bedrooms, 5 double bedrooms, a new kitchen and dining room, a large lounge, TV room, office, staffroom, toilets and bathrooms. There was also a flat with a kitchenette and bed-sitting room for the Matron on the top floor. The 3 bedrooms and office on the top floor are now located in this living space. 

9 October 1971: Parkside was officially opened, although some of the residents had already moved in. There were just 3 full-time members of staff and 2 part-time domestic staff. Many of the tasks were completed by the residents, friends and volunteers from the church.

The Baptist Times also reported on the opening of the home.


1975: a ward was built for those who had become frailer to remain 'at home' until their last breath. Money was raised by the church for this and to pay for the additional staff required. The new ward was opened on 6 December 1975 by the Matron, the late Winnie Doughty.

20 March 1976: Parkside and the church appeared on the ITV morning service programme.

Sping 1977: 69 Main Road (which was later to become known as Heathside) was purchased due to the waiting list for admittance to the home. Remodelling and building work began. Much of the money for this work was supplied by donations, legacies, fundraising and gifts from people in the church. The building opened on 17 November 1979.

Early 1980s: the ward built in 1975 was split to comply with legislation and it became the annexe, a pre-cursor the present day Rose Wing. A bungalow was also built at Heathside for Matron on her retirement, as recognition of her service to the homes.

1987: Winnie Doughty retired and Christine Brown become the Matron.

1999: the decision was made to close Heathside. 

2007: the Rose Wing was developed to what it is today from the ward originally built in 1975.

October 2021: the home celebrated its 50th golden anniversary since opening. 

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