Frequently Asked Questions

From time to time, we are asked various questions and we thought it would be helpful if we put these together. If your question hasn't been asked before and does not appear below, please do contact us!

Do you accept residents whose fees are paid by social services? 
Yes, we have a limited number of rooms in our home available to residents funded by the local authority.

Who inspects the home?
The local authority (London Borough of Havering) and CQC (Care Quality Commission).

Do you admit residents who suffer from dementia and confusion?
We do, as long as the individual is above 65 years of age and will be subject to an initial assessment before moving to Parkside.

Can you help residents with incontinence problems?
We do. We use pads for our residents and other necessary aids. All our residents are assessed by trained continence advisors.

Can I gain access to my pocket money when I am in need of it?
Yes, you can can during normal office hours. Alternatively, a safe keyholder can be contacted outside of these hours, or we can provide a safe in the resident's room.

Can a resident have a television in their room?
Yes, all our rooms have provision for a television.

Can a resident make and receive telephone calls?
Yes they can. All residents can have a personal telephone in their room.

Do you charge extra for laundry?
No, our fees are fully inclusive. The only extra charges are for personal items such as newspapers, toiletries, the hairdresser, footcare and manicures.

What happens if a resident has a doctor's or hospital appointment?
We offer the family to escort the resident and if they are unable to do so, a member of our staff will escort the resident. There will be a charge if a member of staff has to accompany a resident on the appointment.

Do you allow pets?
Pets are allowed to visit the home subject to the residents' approval.

Do you offer any social activities and recreation?
We have a member of staff who leads activities every week day between 10am and 4pm. There is a full range of activities that we offer and trips out are arranged. A service is held in the Piano Lounge on a Monday morning and residents may go to the church for the Sunday morning services using the mini-bus or view it live on the television in the Piano Lounge.

Do you allow smoking?
No, we are a non-smoking building.

Can my family and friends visit?
Yes, we encourage visiting to take place between 10am and 7pm.

Do you provide a hairdresser?
Yes, we have a hairdresser who visits the home every Tuesday.

What happens if I need to go to the hospital in the middle of the night?
We have staff that work during the night and we will ensure that the family are fully involved if this needs to happen.

Do you provide transport for hospital appointments?
Yes we do by using the home's mini-bus. Should a driver not be available for any reason, we will arrange for transport to be booked for you.

Can I keep my GP?
Yes, if your GP agrees. If not, we will be able to register you with our local GP.

Do you offer optical services?
Yes, we have an optical service that visits the home regularly.

Do you have a chiropodist?
Yes, a chiropodist visits the home regularly.

Can I get dental services?
Yes, you can, as and when you require the service.

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